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This is my hotrod. It isn't perfect but it ain't bad for 2 amateurs. 3 years of a lot of money and labor and this truck is almost finished. Still need to add interior, some wiring, longer running boards, and a little more chrome. It has been well worth it in my opinion as I have something that no one else on this planet has. You can check out the story of this project on the "My Truck" page. I have to thank Korey Wilson, my ex-fellow employee and hunting buddy for all the hard work on this project. THANK YOU KOREY!!!! Tired of all the Fords and Chevys getting all the glory? Build yourself something special. Something your going to have to really work for to find parts instead of buying something out of a catalog. It will give you a real sense of accomplishment and fullfilment. Get your Dodge Classic Truck fix here, cause you won't get it from the big dog magazines!

Greetings! Being a Classic Mopar truck nut (Dodge, Fargo, DeSoto) and not finding much material, launched me into building this website. I'm a lover of these trucks, NOT an expert, and just wanted to share. As you will be able to tell, I lean towards the modified approach of these trucks rather than the stock form, but love both! I consider all of us Mopar owners a special breed because we don't follow the herd. I'm always looking for new material, so feel free to send useful information and pictures to add to this site. This website covers: 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, and 1960 Dodge trucks and their cousins. All of you know we need all the help we can get! With more material will come more opportunity to find and expand products for these trucks. Thanks to all who contributed and special thanks go to Jared Weeks, Gordon and Helen Miller, George McKovich, and Eric Bannerman for all the pictures and related information! Be sure to sign the guestbook. Happy browsing!

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